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Bees have five eyes, two of which are made up of over six thousand hexagonally shaped lenses each, giving them what must be god-like vision that makes that of mere mortals pale by comparison.

The ability to see, to regard on multiple levels of dimension is the gift and promise of using a depth psychological lens to understand ourselves and our relation to the world around us. Depth Psychology encompasses Jungian Psychology, developed around the theories of one of the pioneers of Depth Psychology, Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung.

Depth Insights is the publisher of the semi-annual scholarly journal, Depth Insights™, and offers media, education, and consulting to help individuals and organizations see through, beneath, between, and beyond to achieve new perspectives for learning, integration, transformation, and growth.

Recorded Interviews & Transcripts for EARTH, CLIMATE DREAMS Symposium Available for Purchase! Click here to see how to access the video interviews, the written transcripts, or both!
symposium earth, climate, dreams depth psychology anthropocene

Over time, humans in western cultures have undergone a profound restructuring of the psyche resulting in a traumatic sense of separation. In modern day, we face a growing set of challenges on ecological and social fronts. The era of what is now informally called the Anthropocene--a term referring to the significant impact of human activity on the planet- has arrived.

The LIVE SYMPOSIUM HAS ENDED, but you may still purchase the 13 featured Interviews & Transcripts here

This 6-week online SYMPOSIUM and FUNDRAISER for Depth Psychology Alliance ran Jan-Mar, 2017.

• 13 video depth dialogues (approx 45 mins each)
• written transcripts of each dialogue
• 2 of 12 video depth dialogues viewable each week
• 1 live online peer video discussion session each week to reflect and share feedback on the 2 video dialogues of th week
• Online repository for sharing art, poetry, dreams, writing

Video Presenters include:
-Bonnie Bright, Ph.D. Founder, Depth Psychology Alliance
-Steven Aizenstat, Ph.D. Chancellor and Founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute
-Susannah Benson, Ph.D. Academic, Researcher, Educator, and Counsellor
-Jerome Bernstein, Jungian Analyst
-Michael Conforti, Ph.D. Jungian Analyst
-Nancy Swift Furlotti, Ph.D. Jungian Analyst
-Sally Gillespie, Ph.D. Jungian Psychotherapist
-Veronica Goodchild, Ph.D. Professor Emerita at Pacifica Graduate Institute
-Jeffrey Kiehl, Ph.D Jungian Analyst and Senior Climate Scientist
-Jonathan Marshall, Ph.D Anthropologist / Senior Research Associate at University of Technology Sydney
-Robert Romanyshyn, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute
-Susan Rowland, Ph.D. Chair of MA Engaged Humanities & the Creative Life at Pacifica Graduate Institute
-Erel Shalit, Ph.D. Jungian Analyst

This symposium is a fundraiser to support Depth Psychology Alliance, which is a privately funded initiative that relies on the community to carry out our mission to make depth psychology more accessible in the world.

Jeffrey T. Kiehl with Bonnie Bright PhD Interview with Jeffrey T. Kiehl, Jungian & Climate Scientist: Reclaiming a Sense Wholeness Amidst the Environmental Crisis
depth psychology and the digital age


ANNOUNCING the publication of Depth Psychology and the Digital Age, the first in a series of "Depth Psychology &..." books that will cover a range of topics and provide depth insights into key cultural issues of our time. Buy your copy today as a paperback or Kindle edition.

Details here

Robert Bosnak

Interview, 7-20-16
Alchemical Psychology
: Jungian analyst Robert Bosnak with Bonnie Bright

Lori Pye INTERVIEW, 7-6-16
Ecopsychology: On Educating Ourselves as Ecopsychological Beings in a Psychological World—An Interview with Dr. Lori Pye
Michael Meade


INTERVIEW, 6/27/16
The Genius Myth: An Interview with Storyteller and Author, Michael Meade

Matthew Bennett

INTERVIEW, 6/20/16
The Value of Multi-Cultural Perspectives in Depth Psychotherapy: Interview with Dr. Matthew Bennett

Dr Lance s Owens


The C.G. Jung—Erich Neumann Connection: An Interview with Dr. Lance Owens

Vandana Shiva

BLOG POSTS: Limitless Growth, the Destructive Myth of our Times: PART ONE & PART TWO of a Report on a Talk Given by Dr. Vandana Shiva (May 2016)
Linda Buzzell Saltzman


Ecotherapy: Nature Reconnection as a Powerful, Transformational Healing Practice
: A Short Interview with Linda Buzzell

Dream Tending and the Global Dream Initiative INTERVIEW, 4/15/16
DreamTending and the Global Dream Initiative: Dr. Douglas Thomas

Earth Climate Dreams free panel conversation VIDEO REPLAY: "Earth, Climate, Dreams": Panel Presentation & Online Community Conversation via Depth Psychology Alliance
pat katsky

INTERVIEW, 3/24/16
Dreaming the Earth: Earthing the Dream—Depth Psychology and Appreciative Nature Practices with Dr. Pat Katsky

thomas moore

INTERVIEW, 3/17/16
Spirit, Soul, and the Secular: An Interview with Thomas Moore

chris hedges INTERVIEW, 3/7/16
Confronting Signs of a Society in Decline: An Interview with Journalist Chris Hedges
Depth Insights depth psychology journal

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, the official publication of Depth Psychology Alliance. Executive editor: Bonnie Bright. Associate editors: Tish Stoker Signet and Warren W. Sibilla

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Michael Conforti with Bonnie Bright

Video Interview 2/22
The Language of Trauma—Michael Conforti with Bonnie Bright
—*Originally aired as part of the "Dinner & Depth" series on Depth Psychology Alliance

Carol Pearson and Bonnie Bright

Video Interview 2/2
Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroes Within—Carol Pearson with Bonnie Bright

—*Originally aired as part of the "Dinner & Depth" series on Depth Psychology Alliance

Joseph cambray Interview 2/18/16
The Therapy Room and the Interactive Field: On Becoming a Supervisor in Depth
—Interview with Dr. Joseph Cambray
*From the NEW SERIES: Discussions in Depth Psychology, powered by PACIFICA GRADUATE INSTITUTE
Tom Elsner

Interview 2/12/16
Alchemical Active Imagination—Discussion with Jungian Analyst Tom Elsner
*From the NEW SERIES: Discussions in Depth Psychology, powered by PACIFICA GRADUATE INSTITUTE

GlenSlater Interview 2/3/16
Jung, Individuation, and Film: Interview with Dr. Glen Slater
With host Bonnie Bright *From the NEW SERIES: Discussions in Depth Psychology, powered by PACIFICA GRADUATE INSTITUTE
Corbett on suffering

Interview 2/27/16
Depth Psychological Approaches to Suffering—Audio Interview & Blog post with Dr. Lionel Corbett
With host Bonnie Bright *From the NEW SERIES: Discussions in Depth Psychology, powered by PACIFICA GRADUATE INSTITUTE

Jennifer Selig New Interview 2/12/16
When the Gods Come Calling: Dr. Jennifer Selig on Finding One's Vocation
* What happens when the gods come calling, from a depth psychological perspective, and how can one be ready when it happens?
—With host Bonnie Bright *From the NEW SERIES: Discussions in Depth Psychology, powered by PACIFICA GRADUATE INSTITUTE
Michael Mollura

Dreamscoring: A Groundbreaking Way of Working with Dreams in Psychotherapy—Michael Mollura, Ph.D. shares with host Bonnie Bright how combining dreams with music can heal. In recurring sessions, the client collaborates with Michael as he uses his skill and gifts as a composer to create a musical landscape that best describes the dream

David H. Rosen
Interview for Depth Insights™: "The Healing Power of Creativity"
. David H. Rosen is an American psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, and author, who is perhaps best known for his research involving interviews of survivors of jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge. Here, David talks with Bonnie Bright about how creativity has the capacity to heal us
dreams, bones, & the future - russell lockhart and paco mitchell
Talking About “Dreams and Bones”:
Bonnie Bright in written conversation with authors Russell Lockhart and Paco Mitchell. (Appeared in the Spring/Summer issue of Depth Insights™ scholarly eZine)
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UPCOMING EVENTS for Bonnie Bright

Please check back soon


PAST EVENTS with Bonnie Bright

January-March 2017: EARTH, CLIMATE DREAMS: Depth Psychological Reflections in the Age of the AnthropoceneSymposium —Recordings Now Available for Purchase! Click here to see how to access the video interviews, the written transcripts, or both!

December 12 & 13, 2016: "Jungian Psychology & Archetypes" and"The Enneagram—Psychological Personality Typologies as Archetypes"—Online lectures for Hamburg Media School, Neuromarketing Program

December 3, 2016: Online Authors Panel, Depth Psychology & the Digital Age: PANELISTS: Sharon Heath, Eva Rider, Steve Wood

November 29, 2016: Online Authors Panel, Depth Psychology & the Digital Age: PANELISTS: Robert Romanyshyn, Drew Thomas Foley, Priscilla Hobbs

July 17-20, 2016: Presenting at the"Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science" free online summit

April 21-24, 2016: Periscope broadcasts live from Pacifica Graduate Institute's 40th Anniversary Conference, Climates of Change and the Therapy of Ideas"

April 11, 2016: Earth, Climate, Dreams—Online Panel & Community Conversation - panelists include Bonnie Bright PhD, Jeff Kiehl PhD, Susannah Benson PhD, Sally Gillespie PhD, Jonathan Marshall PhD, and Linda Buzzell, MA

April 6, 2016: "Jungian Psychology, Archetypes, and the Enneagram"—Online lecture for Hamburg Media School, Neuromarketing Program

February 22, 2016: "The Language of Trauma"—Live video conversation with Jungian Michael Conforti, PhD, and Bonnie Bright via Depth Psychology Alliance

February 2, 2016: "Persephone Rising"—Live video conversation with Carol Pearson, PhD, and Bonnie Bright via Depth Psychology Alliance

January 6-27, 2016: "Cultivating a Poetic Sensibility in a Wired World: A 4-week Interactive Course"—online with depth psychologist Robert Romanyshyn and poet Brian Tracy. Open to the public.

January 28-31, 2016: Mistress of Ceremonies, "Vocation and Service, a Journey of the Soul"—Second Annual "Coming Home" Celebration, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2016

December 11, 2015: Navigating & Coping: Creating Community in Epic Changing Times —Online gathering hosted by Depth Psychology Alliance

December 5, 2015: Panelist, "The Souls of White Folk: A Community Discussion on the Archetypal Roots of the Trauma of Racism in America," hosted by Depth Psychology Alliance

December 2, 2015: Co-host of Depth Psychology Alliance Online Town Hall meeting

September 22: Panelist and host of DroughtAction: A Exploration of Drought along with Willi Paul of, Linda Buzzell, Craig Chalquist and Jeffrey Kiehl. Free Public Webinar, Panel Discussion, and Community Conversation that looks at this ecological plight. Submit your art, poetry, essay, interview or multimedia contribution for our online showcase. Select contributors will be invited to present their work during the live events.

July 30, 2015: Webinar Presentation: "Sociocultural Ramifications of the Creative: The Art of Social Media Engagement," for the Certificate Program, "Patterns of the Creative Unconscious: An Inter-disciplinary Study of the Creative from an Archetypal Perspective"—Assisi Institute

July 2015: 4-episode Weekly "Dinner & Depth" Series in the free online community, Depth Psychology Alliance. Bonnie Bright in conversation with various guests, with open phone lines for discussion after the presentation.

June 20, 2015—"What is Depth Psychology—Now and in the Future?" —Bonnie Bright, Ph.D. and board members of Depth Psychology Alliance for this ongoing online conversation/panel discussion

May/June 2015 —4-webinar series," Jung, Alchemy and the Tree of Life: Bridging Spirit and Matter"~Eva Rider, MA, MFT, facilitated by Bonnie Bright.

6/5/15—Presentation: "Ecostalgia: Storienting the Displaced Psyche" by Bonnie Bright, at the Conference—Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization, Pomona, CA. Some detailsin this press release from Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association

The ecological and environmental destruction of homeplaces is increasingly resulting in a tremendous displacement of both individuals and communities, echoing the profound displacement that has occurred in the modern western psyche as it perceives itself ever more separate from nature. Our modern transient mindset, lacking rootedness and connection to place, has left us disoriented and struggling to make meaning, thus engendering ecostalgia, the profound longing for a spiritual homeplace that can sustain us. This loss of soul can be mitigated through the power of myth and story which allows us to ritually enter into a realm of engagement and understanding of both the planetary and personal crises we all face, orienting us toward home.
> DETAILS in this press release from Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association

3-webinar series with Romanyshyn and Tracy, psychologist and poet

5/9/15—"What is Depth Psychology?"—online panel discussion with board members of Depth Psychology Alliance. (Audio recording available)

4/8/15-4/22/15—3-Webinar Series: "Conversations between a Psychologist and a Poet: The Healing Power of Language"- Robert Romanyshyn, PhD and poet Brian Tracy with Bonnie Bright, moderator—3 Wednesdays in April

2/5/15—Webinar: "Conversations between a Psychologist and a Poet: The Healing Power of Language"- Robert Romanyshyn, PhD and poet Brian Tracy with Bonnie Bright, moderator

12/12/14—Culture Collapse Disorder: Ecopsychopathy, Exile, and the End of "Home"—Oral Dissertation Defense at Pacifica Graduate Institute

9/12-14/2014—Bonnie Bright serves as co-Master-of-Ceremonies at the Synchronicity Symposium in Joshua Tree, CA

8-22 thru 9/18, 2014—6-week webinar course in Applied Mythology with Craig Chalquist on Depth Psychology Alliance hosted by Bonnie Bright

5/10/13 05/10/13 -- Bonnie Bright interviewed on "Patterns We Live By" radio hosted by Dr. Michael Conforti as they discuss Jungian psychology and the underlying patterns at work in our current culture (30 mins)

2/1/12 Depth Psychology Alliance Meetup & Speaker Evening in the SF Bay Area: Ancestral Healing with Featured Speaker, Daniel Foor, PhD, MFT

4-week FREE teleseminar: "The War of the Gods in Addiction" with Jungian David Schoen; moderated by Bonnie Bright. Runs January 9th through 30th.

12/27/12 SECOND FREE Teleseminar Thursday, December 27: "Beyond Horror and Hope (PART 2): The Archetypal Intersection of Innocence and Evil," a depth psychological look at the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting by Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti, Ph.D., moderated by Bonnie Bright, M.A.

12/20/12 - FREE Teleseminar: "Beyond Horror and Hope: The Archetypal Intersection of Innocence and Evil," an exploratory conversation in response to the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting by Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti, Ph.D., moderated by Bonnie Bright, M.A.

8/18/12 San Francisco Bay Area Alliance Meetup: Craig Chalquist presents "EarthRise: A Beacon for a New Worldview" - Refreshments, commmunity, learning.

8/10/12 Presentation at JSSS (Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies) in New Orleans, August 8-11, 2012. >More info

7/28/12 San Francisco Bay Area Alliance Meetup: Book Celebration and Author Event,"Marked by Fire: Stories of the Jungian Way" with Jungian Analysts  Patricia Damery and Naomi Ruth Lowinsky. Pre-registration required.

7/16/12: Archetypal Personality Patterns: Special presentation at the 24th Annual Assisi Conference, an interdiscplinary gathering on Arts, Archetypes, and the Transcendent The conference, Assisi Italy. >More info

6/2/12: Panel moderator on Transformation at the Climate Change Forum in Portland, OR, June 1-3, in conjunction with Deep Democracy Institute International (led by Jungians & climate scientists among others) >Download a PDF flyer >More info

3/23/12: San Francisco Bay Area Meetup and Speaker Evening for Depth Psychology Alliance featuring speaker Gary Bobroff, M.A.; hosted by Bonnie Bright

3/23/12: Interview: Bonnie Bright with Radio Show Host Jenny Sieck on Inner Voice Intuitive Hour discussing Depth Psychology Alliance, the free online Book Club, and more.

7/14/11: Assisi Institute's 23rd Annual Conference "Transcendent Wonder: Peering Beyond the Veil" featured Jungian James Hollis and Michael Conforti (founder of Assisi Institute) along with Bonnie Bright, and artist Makoto Fujimura in Assisi, Italy, July 2011.

7/14/11: Audio presentation at JFK University, Pleasant Hill, CA, of "Between Honey & Pain: Colony Collapse Disorder and the Colonization of the Wild" (based on the anthology "Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled" approx 22 mins)

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